Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Rome Against Rome (1964)

American International Pictures
Directed by Giuseppe Vari
My rating: 2 stars out of 4
IMDb Wikipedia

A centurion is sent to a remote Roman province to recover a stolen treasure. He finds a corrupt magistrate beholden to a religious fanatic who follow the pagan god Osiris. He falls in love with the handmaiden of the magistrate's wife, who is under the spell of the religious leader. He is framed for murder and must prove his innocence, but not before defeating an army of centurions brought back to life. A plot both melodramatic and outrageous is saved by colorful, atmospheric sets and an over-the-top performance by John Drew Barrymore as the Aderbad, the religious zealot. Maybe one day a restoration will bring this back to life, as the only prints available are slightly cropped on the sides and have terrible color.

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