Monday, November 2, 2015

Rapture (1965)

Twentieth Century-Fox Film
Directed by John Guillermin
My rating: 3 stars out of 4
(Blu-ray, Twilight Time)

Lonely, slightly disturbed, teenager Agnes (Patricia Gozzi) lives in an isolated seaside mansion with her elderly father (Melvyn Douglas) and his hired housekeeper. Their lives are interrupted by Dean Stockwell, a teenager on the run from the police after a night of drinking leads to his arrest and an escape attempt gone awry results in the death of an officer. Agnes falls deeply in love with him, but first must wrest him away from the pretty, and older, housekeeper. She eventually does, but they must run away to the city to escape from her domineering and disapproving father. Her youth and their extreme poverty eventually force them to return, leading to inevitable tragedy. Expert direction from Guillermin and moody black-and-white cinematography by Marcel Grignon on exotic French loctaions elevate this beyond mere melodrama.

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