Monday, December 14, 2015

Highlander (1986)

Twentieth Century-Fox Film
Directed by Russell Mulcahy
My rating: 2 stars out of 4
(Blu-ray, Lionsgate)

An immortal man in modern NYC clashes with another immortal because "there can be only one". We learn through flashback of his early life in medieval Scotland, where he is outcast as a devil and taught by a dashing Sean Connery his true identity. It all culminates in an epic sword battle underneath a neon sign on a hotel rooftop. This over-the-top fantasy is filled with eye-popping camerawork and sets, but doesn't make a lick of sense. Lambert is one-dimensional and has no chemistry with his loves, particularly Roxanne Hart in the critical role of the woman for which he gives up his immortality.

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