Sunday, July 9, 2017

Alien (1979)

Academy Awards, USA 1980

Best Effects, Visual Effects
H.R. Giger
Carlo Rambaldi
Brian Johnson
Nick Allder
Dennis Ayling
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration
Michael Seymour
Leslie Dilley
Roger Christian
Ian Whittaker

Twentieth Century-Fox Film
Directed by Ridley Scott
My rating: 3 stars out of 4
IMDb Wikipedia
(Blu-ray, Fox)

The crew of a commercial space ship is awakened early on their long trek home when their computer detects a transmission from a nearby planet. Required to investigate, they land on the planet and discover a wrecked space ship with an alien skeleton inside. One of them is attacked while opening egg-like vessels and an alien creature attaches itself to his face. Back on their own ship, attempts to remove the alien are unsuccessful, but a little while later it detaches on its own accord. Initially the crew member seems normal, until a few hours later at dinner he begins to choke and an alien bursts out of his chest. The alien runs amok on the ship the rest of the film, killing all crew members except one. She manages to escape on a shuttle, only to find the alien did as well. Old B-movie cliches are updated for the post-Star Wars generation, with innovative set and monster designs by H.R. Giger. However, a few key scenes are unconvincing, especially the hand puppet used for the infamous chest burst. However, it is undeniably entertaining, with the usual excellent soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith.

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