Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hunger (1966)

Cannes Film Festival 1966

Best Actor
Per Oscarsson
Palme d'Or
Henning Carlsen

Athena Film
Directed by Henning Carlsen
My rating: 3 stars out of 4
IMDb Wikipedia
(DVD, New Yorker)

Aspiring writer Per Oscarsson walks the streets of Oslo in search of food, money and a place to sleep. He pins his hopes on a newspaper article he has submitted to the editor. He talks his way into a room for the night to re-write the article, but hunger prevents him from working. He tries to pawn his only belongings: a quilt, his glasses and even the buttons from his coat. He steals bones from street dogs. Even when he manages to get a few pennies, he recklessly gives it away because of his pride. When he gives away his payment for the newspaper article, you almost want to scream. He falls in love with a beautiful stranger and even manages to gain her interest, but like everything else in his life it falls apart. Superb performance by Oscarsson, but unrelentingly bleak outlook becomes almost unbearable.

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