Monday, June 19, 2017

They Have Changed Their Face (1971)

Garigliano Film (Italy)
Directed by Corrado Farina
My rating: 3 stars out of 4
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(DVD, Video Dimensions)

An employee at an Italian auto manufacturer is invited to meet the owner of the company at his reclusive country estate. He picks up a topless hitchhiker along the way, but leaves her at the front gate. He is greeted by the owner's "secretary", a pale, svelte, androgynous woman who almost immediately sets out to seduce him. The crumbling mansion is filled with modern accessories, including some amusing recordings of commercials that play in the showers. The owner is an older but powerful industrialists who controls multiple corporations. The visitor becomes alarmed when he discovers a nursery filled with babies and a notebook outlining their eventual role in his corporations, in which he finds his own picture. He tries to escape, but is blocked by guards who swarm around the grounds in little white cars. His desperation leads to murder, or maybe not, as the dead man appears to return to life. The Dracula myth is used as a foundation for a philosophical critique of capitalism. It successfully incorporates moody horror elements via the setting: crumbling mansion, perpetual fog, the pale secretary; but also works in biting satire of capitalism, including a mock commercial for LSD! A bit dated at times, but very unique, and quite entertaining.

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