Monday, July 4, 2016

The Piano Tuner of EarthQuakes (2005)

Zeitgeist Films
Directed by Quay Brothers
My rating: 2.5 stars out of 4
(DVD, Zeitgeist)

An opera singer who collapses during a performance is revived on an isolated island by a mysterious doctor. A piano tuner is summoned to the island to work on "automatons", complicated machines that also need to be cleaned and tuned. While there, he discovers that the opera singer is actually his former fiance, but she does not recognize him in her coma-like revived state. He becomes involved with the psycho-sexual games between the doctor, the singer and his housekeeper. There are occasional breaks for the trademark Quay Brothers stop-motion animation, but they have little bearing on the story. What we are left with is loads of atmosphere, but little in the way of coherency. Somewhat of a disappointment from the master animators.

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