Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Rolling Man (1972)

Directed by Peter Hyams
My rating: 3 stars out of 4

Dennis Weaver drives a wrecker and hangs out at the race track. He likes to get drunk on Saturday night with his wife, but finds her in a bar with another man. He chases them down the highway leading to her tragic death. The man survives but Weaver almost kills him in a fit of rage. He is sent to prison for attempted murder where he serves 4 years. After his release he learns his two young sons have been "adopted" by strangers and sets out to find them. He gets help from country singer Donna Mills. This is one of those undiscovered made-for-tv gems from the 1970s that you always hope to find, an early directorial effort from Peter Hyams. Weaver is fantastic once again as the everyman faced with daunting circumstances beyond his control. Don Stroud is equally good as the man he almost kills and even Jimmy Dean shows up as a prison buddy!

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