Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pepe (1960)

Academy Awards, USA 1961

Best Cinematography, Color
Joseph MacDonald
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color
Ted Haworth
William Kiernan
Best Costume Design, Color
Edith Head
Best Sound
Charles Rice (Columbia SSD)
Best Film Editing
Viola Lawrence
Al Clark
Best Music, Original Song
André Previn (music)
Dory Previn (lyrics) (as Dory Langdon)
For the song "Faraway Part of Town"
Best Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture
Johnny Green

Columbia Pictures
Directed by George Sidney
My rating: 2 stars out of 4

Poor Mexican stable boy Cantinflas has his favorite horse sold to a famous Hollywood director. He follows them there with the hopes of reclaiming him, only to become involved in the director's personal and professional life. He falls in love with angry Shirley Jones, who works in a beatnik bar and hopes to become a movie star. They hang out in the director's dilapidated mansion while he mostly gets drunk. Needing cash for his next movie, they go to Las Vegas where Cantinflas wins it gambling. They travel back to Mexico to make it, straightening out their love life in the process. Overlong, to be sure, but also strangely entertaining, brimming with cameos and glimpses of the Columbia studio. Jones' moody beatnik bar and dance scene actually predates West Side Story by a year.

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